Happy birthday

Dear Tschuna friends near and far. I congratulate myself today times even for a birthday, so it simply does not forget. Today 5 years ago I was born in Wuppertal Zoo, along with my little brothers, who has not make it. As an only child I had little chance, because when my mom Mymoza the milk after a few days became less and less and then completely dried up. I threatened to starve. But my dear keepers and our vet who saved me and reared by hand. So I had to grow up alone and not a real tiger was, I got company from the small Sumatran Tigress Daseep from Frankfurt. We both were together a long time, an unbeatable team. Even in England, we moved together. But there then parted two years ago, unfortunately, our paths. Daseep remained in Dudley and I traveled to Yorkshire, where I now very well settled down. The nurses are nice to me and even the cat is bearable. Well, I do not see so often. But at least he has made me a triple mother. And this is the absolutely greatest me. I have three little brats, with whom I have all paws full. I just hope that bring me the three morning serenade for her birthday. Although I am a Handaufzucht yes, I have met the first day mother love and this love I now hand over to my three little ones.
So people, I have to call it a day. My guests are waiting and I have to style your hair even more.
Bye, see you soon
Eure Tschuna

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